Proper pool care is imperative to making sure that it continues to be a fun and comfortable place. We are Orange County’s experts in pool service. Prompt and detail oriented, you can always count on our experienced and dedicated team of experts to meet all of your pool and spa service needs, every single week. Feel free to schedule our services out far ahead of time. We are more than happy to make this as convenient and simple as possible for you.

During our weekly service visits, we:

  • Sanitize your pool and maintain chlorine balance
  • Test for and eliminate chloramines
  • Test and balance the pH of your pool
  • Figure out and maintain the salt content (in saltwater pools)
  • Check the saturation index
  • Stabilize the total alkalinity
  • Check that hard water is within acceptable range
  • Stabilize and condition the cyanuric acid of the pool
  • Measure and remove unhealthy impurities.

To schedule your weekly pool and spa services, contact us using the link below. We provide service with a smile!

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